About Us


United Breweries Nepal Pvt. Ltd (UB), formerly known as Nepal Brewery Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in January 1966, under the Company Act 1964 in Hetauda Industrial District, Hetauda. In 1972, the construction of beer factory and the installation of brewing plant and machinery started. At the time, Star Beer, the product of Nepal Brewery was the first beer in Nepal which was brewed with German technology. Some other products were soft drinks namely Star Aqua and Lemu and bottled mineral water named Star Mineral Water. In 1997 (2054 BS) all of the shares of Nepal Breweries were transferred to United Breweries Ltd, which was a part of United Breweries Group India. Thus, the new name, United Breweries Nepal Pvt. Ltd was born in the market. After its inception, United Breweries (UB) started producing several types of products which made UB a recognized brand in Nepal. Some of its notable products are Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer, Cheers Super Strong Beer, and Star Gold Strong Premium Beer among numerous others. As the brewery was making its way through Nepal’s beverage market, its management was, however, changing time and again.


TBi Group Nepal’s chairman, Mr. Bhaban Bhatta purchased all of United Breweries’ shares in 2067 BS and became the sole owner of the company. As TBi Group Nepal was incorporated on 16th July in 2008, United Breweries has since been a part of TBi Group Nepal family as Nepal Breweries Pvt. Ltd. At TBi Nepal, we realize that the sustainability of a business in the market is a major challenge, that too in a politically and economically unstable country like Nepal. Therefore, in order to overcome the challenges, we always keep ourselves open to changes that bring continuous progress to the company. As the first step of evolvement, Nepal Breweries has modified the refrigeration plant by installing a glycol solution circulation plant. This chilling system is one of the best in the world for breweries in terms of safety, commercial viability and compatibility. Also, we have relocated the beer filtration room and the Bright Beer Tank within the factory premises for better ease of production. After taking over the management of United Breweries, TBi Nepal has stepped up UB to an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Given the technical collaboration with Brew Master India, a reputed microbrewery of India, United Breweries continues to excel as Nepal’s first and leading brewing company. At Nepal Breweries, we go by the principle that customer is king. Hence, we always put our best efforts to provide qualitative products to our customers. We look forward to taking brewing industry in Nepal to newer heights in the years to come. The registered office and plant location of the company is at Hetauda Industrial District, Hetauda. The raw materials used by the brewery are malt, broken rice, hops, sugar and packing material, the majority of which are imported from India.